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By Patrick Humphrey

Effective IT Project Management is Universal

On 18, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Blog | By Patrick Humphrey

Whether you are a 30,000 person firm or a four-person start-up, the principles of business and IT management still applies. Project management is a crucial factor to ensuring the successful operation of a company.

As any IT manager will tell you, project management is both the most critical and potentially most costly element of the IT industry.  After all, a company is only as successful as the usability and effectiveness of its applications, yet at the same time, a poor project launch can blow a hole in the budget, affect marketability, and leave your entire team disillusioned.

This is why large companies spend tens of millions of dollars on dedicated IT project management offices, and why the Chuck Norris Syndrome has now become a common joke across IT organizations.

In other words, IT managers everywhere hope and pray that Chuck Norris will miraculously emerge out of nowhere to save a doomed project that will be completed within deadlines without blowing the budget.

In reality, however, we know that there is no substitute for sound and proven project management methodologies.

It may not sound as glamorous as the idea of having Chuck Norris around, but this is definitely achievable by any company.

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