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By Patrick Humphrey

Project Management and Business Processes in Startups

On 06, May 2012 | No Comments | In Blog | By Patrick Humphrey

Here in America, it’s easy to root for start-ups. The idea of a Zuckerberg-like figure toiling away at his desk in the dead of night and ultimately creating a company that’s the envy of the world, fits right into the classic American archetype of the rugged individualist.

And when you span the past two decades, you’ll find, more often than not, that our greatest business success stories aren’t the Warren Buffets or Donald Trumps of the world, but the companies that started out as the “little guy” – Steve Jobs and Wozniak building computers in a California garage, Bill Gates and his band of programmer-misfits sequestered in Redmond – not to mention Twitter, Groupon, and countless others.

But, as these examples indicate, success brings with it problems; problems of scale, problems with flexibility, problems caused by lack of process. And that’s because start-ups can be concerned with the present. And, being rebels by nature, they oftentimes don’t implement project management processes or methodologies because, hey, that’s what the Fortune 500 companies do.

Yet, at some point, the principles of economics kick in. Workflows must be streamlined, project management methodologies must be implemented, software platforms must be integrated, costs must be cut, and efficiencies must be created. This is where Cohesian comes in: providing agile small business support while enabling start-ups to retain their freewheeling, renegade spirit.

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